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Who’s talking about the VAT project and its impact on Capitol Hill?


Washington Post, 1/28/17, reporter: Luz Lazo, Virginia Avenue Tunnel Project advances in D.C. amid neighborhood disruption


Committee of 100 on the Federal City: 5/4/15  C100 Appeals Denial of Motion for Preliminary Injunction to the Federal Court of Appeals: Asks that Permitting and Construction of the Virginia Avenue Tunnel be Stopped

Full text of appeal available here as downloadable PDF: Filed Motion for Stay and Reversal

Hill Rag: 1/29/15 Making Rail Freight Safe in the District: Managing the Tiny Risk of an Enormous Catastrophe

Are you in a potential blast zone? Direct link to evacuation map

NBC4: January 8 at 6:00 PM — D.C. Lawmakers Want Rail Safety Office
Direct link to video

The Southwester, 12/4/2014: C100 Challenges Approval of CSX Twin Tunnels in Federal Court

WJLA, 11/12/14, reporter: Caroline Tucker, Committee of 100 Files Lawsuit to Derail Rail Project

WAMU, 11/12/2014, Proposed Rail Tunnel Project Pits Activists Against CSX

Roll Call, 11/12/14, reporter: Tom Curry, Foes Sue to Block Capital Rail Tunnel Project, 11/12/14, reporter: George Altshuler, Watchdog Group Files Suit Against CSX Tunnel, 11/12/14, Not a Shocker: Lawsuit Filed to Stop Virginia Avenue Tunnel

Washington Post, 11/12/14, reporter: Luz Lazo, Fight over Virginia Avenue tunnel project headed to court, 11/12/14, reporter: Sarah Anne Hughes, Committee of 100 Files Suit to Stop CSX Virginia Avenue Tunnel in its Tracks

WUSA9, 11/12/14, Opponents of Virginia Avenue Rail Tunnel File Lawsuit

Washington City Paper, 11/12/14, reporter: Perry Stein, Citizens Group Will Sue to Block Construction of Virginia Avenue Tunnel, 11/7/14, reporter: Grace Lavigne CSX’s Virginia Avenue Tunnel Project Pushes Forward

ThinkProgress, 11/6/14, reporter: Emily Atkin, Feds Approve Plan to Send Trains Through DC Neighborhood, Despite Fears of Hazardous Materials, 11/6/14, reporter: George Altshuler, CSX Tunnel Opponents to Sue Highway Administration over Project


WJLA, 11/6/14, reporter: Caroline Tucker, Federal Highway Administration greenlights rail tunnel project; local group to sue

Washington Business Journal, 11/5/14, reporter: Tucker Echols, CSX Tunnel in Southeast DC Wins Green Light

WTOP, 11/5/14, CSX tunnel in Southeast wins green light, 11/5/14, reporter: Larry Janezich, CSX Tunnel Expansion Moves Forward

Washington Post, 11/4/14, reporter: Luz Lazo, CSX gets federal agency’s clearance to rebuild aging rail tunnel in Southeast DC, 11/4/14, FHWA Approves Virginia Ave. Tunnel Plans; Review Process Over

The Hill Rag 10/6/14 The District Needs a Rail Plan, 9/18/14, Unleashing the Tunnel Decision on Half Street, or Some Such

Washington Post, 9/17/14, reporter: Luz Lazo, Feds: Decision on Virginia Avenue Tunnel project isn’t finished

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, 9/12/14, Is the fight over CSX tunnel project headed to court?, 9/12/14, reporter: Russ Doubleday, Breakfast Links

Washington Post, 9/11/14, reporter: Luz Lazo, Is fight over CSX tunnel project headed to court?, 9/9/14, reporter: Denise Krepp, Rail security requires local oversight of Bakken crude shipments, 9/9/14, reporter: Denise Krepp, Rail security requires local oversight of Bakken crude shipments, 9/8/14, DC Neighborhood Wants City to Block CSX Tunnel Project

WMAL, 105.9 FM, 9/8/14, CSX Tunnel Hearing Continued (mp3 files)

Hill Rag, September 2014, page 44: CSX Decision Delayed Until Sept. 15

NBC4, 9/8/14

WAMU, 88.5 FM, 9/1/14 and 9/2/14, reporter: Jacob Fenston “Grassroots Opposition Kills CSX Facility in Baltimore, Sets Precedent for DC.”, 8/29/14, reporter: Mark Szakonyi, CSX, Port of Baltimore double-stack intermodal plans derailed, 8/27/14, DC Council questions CSX tunnel project, 8/27/14, reporter: David Koch, Breakfast Links: Big Money

Washington City Paper, 8/27/14, reporter: Perry Stein, City Desk – District Line Daily, 8/27/14, Council holds hearing on controversial tunnel expansion; seems split on the issue

WJLA ABC, 8/26/14, reporter: Caroline Tucker, DC Council Hears Testimony on Controversial Train Tunnel Expansion

WTTG FOX5, 8/26/14, reporter: Matt Ackland, DC residents concerned about CSX proposal to expand Virginia Avenue Train Tunnel

Washington Post, 8/26/14, reporter: Luz Lazo, DC Council questions CSX Tunnel Project

World News Report, 8/26/14: DC Council tackles CSX Tunnel Project

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, 8/26/14, DC City Council hears testimony on controversial CSX tunnel expansion, 8/21/14, reporter: Nick Finio

Washington Afro, 8/21/14, reporter: Zenitha Prince, Fed. Approval of CSX’s Virginia Avenue Tunnel Delayed, 8/21/14, reporter: Nick Finio, Breakfast Links

WUSA9, 8/20, CSX tunnel expansion decision delayed for hearing

Washington Post, 8/20/14, reporter: Luz Lazo, DC tunnel project decision postponed by FHWA until after city hearing

WPFW FM 89.3 7/29/14, David Rabin, ‘Community Watch and Comment’ Show


WASHINGTON POST, 7/25/14, reporter: Luz Lazo: Pressure Builds Over Proposed Reconstruction of CSX Tunnel Project in Southeast DC.

WASHINGTON POST, 7/22/14, reporter: Arelis R. Hernandez, State Fines CSX Contractor in Massive Fish Kill Along Northeast Branch of Anacostia., 7/21/14, reporter: Denise Krepp, 9/11 act requires greater information sharing and rail security transparency for elderly, disabled

JOURNAL OF COMMERCE, 7/9/14, reporter: Mark Szakonyi (senior editor), CSX Tunnel Battle Just Part of Broader Freight Pushback

WASHINGTON POST, 7/7/14, reporter: Luz Lazo: DC Residents Get More Time to Review Virginia Avenue Tunnel Project, 7/3/14, reporter: Valerie Paschall, Tunnel Vision

Hill, 7/3/14, author: Maureen Cohen HarringtonJust Say “No!” To CSX’s Virginia Tunnel  

WASHINGTON CITY PAPER, 7/2//14, reporter: Perry Stein, Navy Yard Residents Still Aren’t Convinced About Train Tunnel Plan, 7/1/14, reporter: Claudia Holwill, Tonight: CSX Community Meeting

Washington City Paper, 6/26/14, Loose Lips Section, reporter: Will Sommer, Norton Wants to Get More Time on CSX Tunnel, 6/25/14, reporter: Patrick Austin, Environmental Impact Statement Pushes Tunnel Project Forward

Washington Post Dr. Gridlock Blog, 6/24/14, Reporter: Luz LazoResidents need more time to review CSX tunnel project Norton says, 6/24/14, DC Residents Need More Time To Review CSX Tunnel, 6/24/14, reporter: Claudia Holwill, Hill Buzz section, links to WaPo and about pre-approval., 6/23/14, reporter: Sandy Smith, DC residents fight train tunnel project, 6/20/14, Opponents Slam DDOT for Pre-Approving Tunnel Plans


Washington City Paper, 6/20/14, Loose Lips Section, reporter: Will Sommer, DDOT gave a permit to controversial CSX tunnel before it finished receiving federal approval

WUSA9, 6/20/14, 11pm newscast, reporter: Scott Broom: DDOT Denies Rubber-Stamping Virginia Ave. Tunnel Project, 


POLITICO, 6/18/14, reporter: Alex Guillen, The Dark Side of the Oil Boom

POLITICOKATHRYN A. WOLFE and BOB KING | 6/18/14 Oil Boom Downside:Exploding Trains

Washington Post Dr. Gridlock Blog, 6/19/14, reporter: Luz Lazo, DDOT’s Early Commitment to CSX Tunnel Project in Southeast DC Irks Residents

The Legal Examiner, 6/17/14, reporter: Patrick Austin, Safety Concerns

The Washington Post, 6/16/14, Letter to the Editor, CSX Railroad Plan is Trainwreck Waiting to Happen

E&E (Environment & Energy…Energywire), 6/16/14, reporter: Blake Sobczak, Oil-by-rail worries reach DC’s doorstep with tunnel expansion


Think Progress, 6/14/14, reporter: Emily Atkin, Company Offers Cash to Ease DC Residents’ Fear of Possible Oil Trains Through Neighbornood, 6/14/14, Southeast residents concerned about plans for CSX train tunnel, 6/14/14, After Delays, Plan to Rebuild CSX Virginia Ave. Tunnel in Southeast DC Moves Forward

The Washington Post, 6/13/14, reporter: Luz Lazo, After delays plan to rebuild CSX Virginia Ave Tunnel in Southeast DC Moves Forward

WUSA9, 6/13/14, reporter: Scott Broom, Virginia Avenue Tunnel Study Recommends Hazardous Rail Cargo Near Capitol

WJLA, 6/13/14, reporter: Hatzel Vela, Southeast Residents Concerned About Plans for CSX Train Tunnel, 6/13/14, reporter: Sandy Smith, DC Residents Fight Train Tunnel Project

Virginia Transit Association (, 6/13/14, After delays plan to rebuild CSX Virginia Ave Tunnel in Southeast DC moves forward, 6/13/14, Southeast residents concerned about plans for CSX train tunnel, 6/2/14, reporter: Hilary Lewis, The Oily Fireball Waiting to Happen in Your Backyard

Hill Rag, P. 70, “Paid Off in Pennies:  CSX Offers Cash to Ease D.C. Residents’ Fear of Oil Trains Through Neighborhood.”  Reprint of ThinkProgress article.  Posted at, 5/1/14, reporter: Valerie Paschall, Neighborhood Beef 

DCist, 5/1/14, reporter: Sarah Anne Hughes, Group That Opposes CSX’s DC Tunnel Project Points to Recent Accidents, 4/29/14, “DC Council Hearing on CSX Rail Expansion Project Wed. Morning., 4/12/14, reporter: Julia Cole, CBCC Encourages CBA Coalition for Neighborhood Development Projects 

Washington Post 4/2/14 “Dr. Gridlock: Norton Urges Decision on CSX Tunnel Project in SE”



The Kojo Nnamdi Show, WAMU 88.5 on Monday 3/3/14

Click here to hear the discussion over the CSX VAT Rail Project (approx. 1 hr) and find out more about the guests.


C100 Press Release: “CSX Tunnel Draft EIS Is Wrong and Must be Revised”  3/4/14
Press Release CSX_C100_State3-4-14

The Committee of 100: Request for Revised DEIS (Construction Plans) due to CSX using “facts….that are just plain wrong.” 2/27/14 (PDF): 2014-02-27 C100 Supplemental Comments Requesting a CSX Rerouting VA Ave Tunnel

Think Progress 1/27/14  “Meeting On Possible Crude Oil Trains Through D.C. Turns Tense After EPA Doesn’t Show Up”

Washington Post 1/27/14  “CSX: Crude Oil Shipments Through the District Are Rare” and coverage of 1/25/14 Eleanor Holmes Norton community meeting


McClatchy DC 1/26/14  “Within blocks of Capitol, conflict flares between railroad, residents”  

Think Progress 1/24/14 “‘Risky’ Crude Oil Trains Should Stay Away From Cities, Federal Investigators Say”


Washington Post 1/24/14 , ANC Rep David Garber Editorial “Railroad Reconstruction Project Will Not Benefit the District” 

Washington Post, 1/23/14, on community meeting with EPA and Del. Norton,  “Meeting set on CSX plans for Virginia Avenue tunnel”

Washington Post, 1/18/14, “Pressure Mounts on City Over Proposed CSX Railroad Tunnel Project in Southeast DC”


Washington City Paper, 1/17/14, “Navy Yard Residents: Seriously, We Want Nothing To Do With This Tunnel Project”


Think Progress, 1/17/14, “Extra Flammable Crude Oil May Soon Run Through a Trench in a DC Neighborhood


DCist, 1/17/14,  Gray Listens to Resident Concerns Over Expansion of CSX Tunnel

wjla WJLA, 1/16/14, 11pm Navy Yard Meets with Mayor Gray on VAT Project, 1/15/14, Natalie Skidmore and others are trying to get answers about the safety of the proposed Virginia Ave tunnel for widening CSX tracks that are underground, 1/8/14, reporter: Julia Cole, Community Meeting with Mayor Gray about VAT, 1/17/14, reporter: Valerie Paschall, Neighborhood Beef, 1/16/14, Residents fear hazardous train cargo in Virginia Avenue Tunnel Plan



WUSA, 1/15/14, 6PM Fears of Crude Oil on Capitol Hill/Upcoming Mayor Gray Meeting afro

Washington Afro, 1/15/14, “Gray to Meet With DC Residents on CSX Tunnel Expansion Plans”

hill rag

Ward 6 Councilmember Candidate Darrel Thompson runs ad: “Ward 6: Let’s Not Get Railroaded by CSX”, January 2014 The Hill Rag “Tunnel of Controversy” feature article, December 2013 Hill Rag “Last Word,” December 2013 (PDF) chrs-logo

“Proposed Virginia Avenue Tunnel: Opposition, Concerns, and Surprises,” Dec 13/Jan 14 Newsletter

wjla Watch the WJLA coverage of the November 23rd VAT community meeting with Eleanor Holmes Norton here


The Center for American Progress’s blog: “Inside The Plan To Transport Secret Chemicals And Crude Oil Through The Heart Of D.C.” 2007_0724_citypaper2

Navy Yard: No New Tunnel Please, We’re Residents,” Nov 25


“Fire on Railcar Stirs Fears Over Virginia Avenue Tunnel Project,” Nov 17 hill rag

The Hill Rag “Last Word,” November 2013 Hill Rag “Last Word,” October 2013 Popville logo

Popville, “DC’s Neighborhood Blog”


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