CSX Transportation wants to greatly expand its freight rail through Washington DC to increase its bottom line profits. If their plans are approved, double-stacked trains will be rolling through the city soon—through an open trench at street level between Capitol Hill and the Navy Yard. When pressed about the hazardous materials they carry through the city at a 400-person community meeting with Washington DC’s Mayor on January 16, 2014, a CSX official admitted that they carry Bakken crude oil. 

Serious safety, health, and security concerns are adding up after more than four years of misleading information and a lack of transparency.

Organizations, including the

are raising their voices over the negative impacts of CSX’s Virginia Avenue Tunnel project. Residents are calling for at least a rerouting of trains during construction to greatly reduce the impacts of this proposed project. But as of yet CSX—a multi-billion dollar corporation—is not listening.

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