CSX Tunnel Update: DCSafeRail Responds to DDOT

For Release: June 20th, 2014

DCSafeRail issued the following statement regarding DDOT’s justification yesterday for the issuances of permits for the CSX Tunnel before the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is complete [Washington Post, 6/19/14: DDOT’s Early Commitment to CSX Tunnel Project in S.E. DC Irks Residents]: 

We appreciate the assurance from DDOT spokesperson Reggie Sanders that the DDOT permits ”will have no force or effect until a build alternative is approved via Record of Decision,” but this hardly corrects the weight of the documents in the EIS that are overwhelmingly in favor of the project, specifically including issuing the street occupancy two years ago and the promise by DDOT and the City Administrator (who oversees all executive agencies for the mayor)  to expedite other permits and approvals.

The EIS documents, prepared by CSX’s paid consultants, call into question DDOT’s objectivity and transparency, and raise the question why this agreement was not disclosed to the public until now, despite years of countless questions from the public and elected officials about DDOT’s permitting process and criteria. We want Mayor Gray to back-up his January commitment to not “allow people’s safety and security concerns to be compromised” by the CSX Tunnel with its track in a partially open trench carrying trains with hazardous materials.  We therefore ask Mayor Gray to countermand all efforts to “expedite” this project and assure everyone concerned that all approvals and permits will be given full review and consideration and that the EIS has not already been rubber-stamped.

See the Agreement here: DDOT-CSX Permit 2012.

Contact: Natalie Skidmore, 202.657.1911, Twitter @DCSafeRail, Facebook.com/DCSafeRail