VAT Impact Maps


The VAT “Area of Potential Effects Map”

Will your home, workplace, military base, or favorite historic site be affected? Take a look at the Area of Potential Effects Map in Section 106 Draft (click here to view the full PDF file of this map). An alternative link may be found here.

LOD - Options 2-3 Graphic R10-13-13 FLAT - sm

Click here to see a larger version of this very detailed map of the possible “Limits of Disturbance”: LOD – Options 2-3 Graphic  Providing detail not found in the above CSX map, this graphic illustrates proposed temporary tunnel locations and the location of the proposed permanent tunnel under two of the potential construction scenarios.

lac megantic overlay capitol hill

In Lac Megantic, Quebec, a train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in that small town, killing nearly 50 residents, flattening a 30 block area, and contaminating the town. CSX has not specified which kind of oil might be transported through the VAT, (merely saying that some hazardous materials and oil are permitted, via a press release from Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton’s office.) Click here for a larger (PDF) image of the area a similar blast would affect if it happened on Capitol Hill: L-M Blast Radius 10-13-13 – SM  Discover more links on this disaster on our resources page.

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