ANC6D issues Resolution to Refrain from Issuing Record of Decision on Virginia Avenue Tunnel

ANC6D –which will be directly affected by the VAT construction–has issued a resolution that DDOT refrain from issuing a record of decision in light of disconcerting questions that have arisen about the approval process. They state that the FEIS “ raised at least as many questions as it answered” and asked for the DC Council to obtain answers related to the following:

  • how the VAT project fits into the Council’s comprehensive rail plan
  • if DDOT wrongfully preapproved CSX’s preferred proposal
  • if DDOT has the authority to grant CSX additional right of way needed for their preferred alternative
  • whether the city should condition right of way on CSX entering into a binding agreement forbidding the transportation of hazardous materials through the tunnel
  • how the city’s first responders are prepared to respond to a disaster int eh tunnel
  • how the project will affect economic development and if it will dissuade new investment
  • how vulnerable populations like low income families and the elderly will be given alternative options for housing if construction threatens their health.
  • how they will replace tree cover and compensate for environmental damage that will result
  • and more! Read it–it is a great summary.

A copy of the letter in PDF form may be read here: Resolution to DDOT CSX ROD.

Excerpts include the following: