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BOOM: New Investigation Shows Lack of Railway Accountability Leaves Citizens Vulnerable to Disaster

An investigation by InsideClimate News and The Weather Channel, in partnership with the Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute.

Frighteningly powerful video. Watch it. Read the article. And remember that CSX will not commit — let alone publicly or perpetually — to rerouting crude oil around DC’s monument core. Its new twin tunnels would leave our country vulnerable to even a single terrorist or deranged individual. Or just the “bad luck” that seems to frequently befall this industry notorious for cutting corners with safety.

From the investigation: “InsideClimate News, The Weather Channel, and The Investigative Fund have monitored the regulatory response to oil train explosions this year, focusing on whether the agency that oversees the railroads—the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA)—is able to ensure that the nation’s aging railroad infrastructure can safely handle its latest task: serving as a massive, rickety network of pipelines on wheels.

We found that regulators don’t have the resources to catch up with—let alone get ahead of—the risks posed by exploding oil trains. That has left the FRA politically outgunned by the railroad industry, leaving it largely to police itself.”

Is it any wonder that residents of DC are raising objections to the Virginia Avenue Tunnel Project in light of this deadly track record?